A detailed overview of important considerations when planning for your backyard wedding. Learn all about things you will need to have, what to budget for, and vendor recommendations!

A backyard wedding is perfect for couples that love to be outdoors but also want a uniquely sentimental location for their big day. We love planning & designing for backyard weddings because it is uniquely all about the couple! Here are a few important considerations when hosting a back yard wedding.

1. Tenting

You could be BFFs with a meteorologist and still be surprised with the weather forecast on your wedding day. To have piece of mind when it comes to rain, hail, heat, or frigid weather, a tent is a great investment.

There are plenty of tent types that fit every style too! We personally love sail cloth tents provided by Sperry Tents! They are located all over the US and are able to provide you with the details and expertise you need in order to ensure you are ordering the right size and taking care of the details you may need to think of when it comes to pitching a tent in your backyard.

Some additional considerations when renting a tent:

  • Flooring -(a muddy lawn = a big mess)
  • Catering tents
  • Lighting
  • Tent siding
  • Space heaters/Air Conditioners
  • Sprinkler line locations in your yard (a stake through the sprinkler system can cost a lot of money!)

2. Parking

One of the most unconsidered thoughts about hosting a backyard wedding is where people will park. Unless you have the acreage to include parking on your property, it is likely that guests will have to find another place to park. Here are some ideas that we have seen work well!

  • Local town public parking lots – Including local schools, town municipal parking lots, or church parking lots. These can be of minimal cost to reserve and are a great and safe option for your guests
  • Provide transportation from nearby hotels that your guests will be staying at. Other guests that do not need accommodation can most likely park there as well – just be sure to check with the hotel to ensure your guests are able!
  • Valet parking – hire a reputable valet service for your guests! The valet will bring cars to a local lot you have secured. Valet provides an element of luxury and sophistication to your big day as well!

3. Bathrooms

Most houses are not fit to accommodate a large number of guests so we highly recommend renting a portable restroom for your wedding day. We know what you’re thinking, but I promise you there are portable restroom facilities that replicate an indoor restroom. These aren’t the port-o-potty’s you see at a construction site!


Often times these rented bathrooms are portable restroom trailers that are often bigger than a NYC apartment. It’s important to work with your rental company to ensure you have the correct size, that their electrical needs are met correctly and/or if they can run off their own generator. Restroom trailers tend to start at $1,000 rental but can go up to $5,000 depending on the type of trailer and what is included!

4. Permits, Licensing & Permissions

Most towns and cities have special permits and licensing needed to hold your wedding and there are often pieces of the puzzle you may not consider. The last thing you want is for the cops to shut down your party! Below is a list of some departments and permits you may need to get insight on from your town or city.

  • Fire Department
  • Electrician
  • Health Department
  • Noise Ordinance Permits
  • Homeowner’s Insurance Considerations
  • Neighbors (make sure they know about the event, especially when it comes to noise and parking)
  • Tenting permits

5. Other Necessary Rentals

Because you are hosting your wedding in your backyard, you will need to factor rentals into your plans. These rentals include but are not limited to:

  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Dinnerware
  • Napkins
  • Linens
  • Barware
  • Dance Floor
  • Generator
  • Lighting
  • Catering Equipment

Often times it can be a misconception that backyard weddings are more affordable than a venue! These rentals are typically included in your venue fee so these costs may not be considered correctly when planning for your backyard day.

6. Lighting

A common forgotten about item when it comes to planning your backyard wedding is lighting! Once it get’s dark it is important to have proper lighting in your tent, on the paths to your bathrooms, and upon their departure.

Your tenting company should be able to provide you some lighting options for underneath the tent. They are the experts and will know how to full transform the tent from midday magic to a nighttime glow.

We also love utilizing luminaries to your backyard wedding to ensure driveways, paths, and locations are well lit for your guests when it gets dark! These are super easy to DIY and go a long way!

Candles can also provide a nice romantic glow to your tables and decor! They are always a timeless but elegant staple when it comes to weddings!

These considerations are important to hosting a successful backyard wedding! When you take these into thought, your wedding will be a huge success!

And if you ever need help with your backyard wedding & design, we’d love to sit down and chat about how we can help bring your vision to life! Just email us at hello@betrothedplan.com and we will be sure to help out in any way that we can!